Fix error pentaho kettle (core dumped) “$_PENTAHO_JAVA”

20 07 2012

Hi, Every one

When i use pentaho version 4.2 i meet error (core dumped) “$_PENTAHO_JAVA”. I find many solution fix this but fail. Now i find other method can run this if you have same problem you can try:

1. change to folder data-interface

2. run this command:

java -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.library.path=./../libswt/linux/x86/ -DKETTLE_HOME= -DKETTLE_REPOSITORY= -DKETTLE_USER= -DKETTLE_PASSWORD= -DKETTLE_PLUGIN_PACKAGES= -DKETTLE_LOG_SIZE_LIMIT= -jar launcher/launcher.jar -lib ./../libswt/linux/x86/ ”

I hope will help you !


Fedora Utils

21 04 2012

– Fedora Utils is tools help you install multimedia codecs and  additional software, fix problems, tweak and cleanup your system, view system information and much more with just few clicks.

– Download from here. After run command

su -c “rpm -Uvh fedorautils-*.noarch.rpm”

Now, enjoy it !

Creat Live USB Fedora

21 04 2012

– First step: Download iso Fedora from here

– Second step: Check size usb disk, size usb disk must > 4GB and format to fat32.

-Third step:  Dowload and Run livecd-iso-to-disk script

$ su -c "livecd-iso-to-disk /path/to/ISO /dev/USBPARTITIONNAME"
If partition isn't marked bootable!. You can run command this
$ /sbin/parted /dev/sdb
    (parted) toggle N boot
    (parted) quit

– Testing Live Image on USB

$ umount /dev/sdb1
$ qemu -hda /dev/sdb -m 256 -vga std
if you don't install qemu. Please install it !

My Profile

20 04 2012

Welcome to my blog. I’m Hon Nguyen Van.